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The legal mechanisms of immigration can be frustrating, but the Northbrook immigration lawyers at Dworsky Law Firm have deep experience in handling the nuances of everything from petitions to visas to green cards. When a new immigrant has a family member already in the U.S., that family member is able to sponsor them via a family-based petition. We work diligently to help our clients get the proper paperwork in place so their loved one can come to the States.

Employment-based reasons are a big part of immigration, and Dworsky Law Firm understands all the details and nuances that go with the opportunities this facet of immigration law provides. Uniquely talented workers have specific avenues that can be pursued. The same goes for H1B workers, those on a religious mission, and those who may have recognized ability in fields ranging from sports to music.
An immigrant employee who has a visa can eventually become eligible for a green card. The permanence of the green card offers an immigrant and their family some real stability. Furthermore, green card status can be a big step along the way to full U.S. citizenship and all of its benefit.

At Dworsky Law Firm, we understand what immigrants and their families are going through, because many of us have gone through the process ourselves.

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Business Visas

Employment covers a wide range of possibilities and U.S. immigration law generally breaks the applications down into six categories (continue)

Family-Based Petitions

Immigration to the United States is centered on the family unit. Nearly two-thirds of all new migrants to the U.S. come on a visa obtained by their familial relationship (continue)

Green Cards

Getting a green card can bring incalculable benefits to an immigrant. Approval of a green card application means that one is now a permanent, legal resident of the United States. (continue)

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